What Our Customers are Saying

bulldozer“I am a general contractor engaged primarily in residential projects. Over the last four years I have hired John Winters Jr. on numerous projects to provide me with push-outs, utility trenching, drains, and backfills. John is unique to me because he has the ability to handle a large scale push-outs with a lot of elevation change and has the right equipment and know-how to navigate the small additions at the rear of a customer’s home in a subdivision. In addition, his knowledge and experience with the various soils in this area has saved me some headaches (not to mention dollars) on more than one occasion. To sum it up, take John Winter’s experience and equipment, and add it to his knowledge of the region’s soils – and you have a special skill set that will get your project off to a great start every time.”

Scott Wells
Scott Wells Construction Company

bulldozer“I first met John Winters through church in 1999.  Beginning in 2000 John began performing excavation work for my firm, Larry A. Denn Construction, Inc. of which I am Vice President and owner.  I also serve as a Deacon with John at the West Main Church of Christ. I consider John a good friend and have a high regard for him as a person. He is very dedicated to his family, church and business.

John has worked in several capacities for my company. With his first rate equipment (that he maintains in top condition), he has performed everything from simple clearing of brush for fuel reduction, to building of roads, to complex engineered house pads, and multiple stepped excavations for the custom homes my firm builds. He has extensive experience in working with transitional soils and the measures necessary to properly prepare a site for construction. 

Much of the work that John has done for my company has been on steep grades, where constant attention to elevations and slopes has been necessary. What sets John apart is his attention to detail, and his ability to work unsupervised. Many excavation contractors that I have dealt with in the past have needed step by step instructions to perform some of the jobs that my company undertakes.  John, however, has an excellent grasp of what is required to "get the job done" from start to finish, and has the tools to do so. What is more, John is exceptionally personable and interacts well with owners, other contractors, and government officials. 

Over the years, my company has worked with hundreds of different sub-contractors, and John is one of the best we have ever employed. I can say, without reservation, that I highly recommend John Winters.  Please feel free to contact me if you need any additional information or perspective.”

Trevor H. Denn
Vice President, Larry A. Denn Construction, Inc.

bulldozer“It’s without reservation that I can recommend John Winters for any and all Excavation jobs that he is willing to take on.

I have considered it a rare privilege to use John as my primary excavator these past 5 years for the development and maintenance of Manzanita Hills subdivision in Shady Cove, Oregon. John has consistently proven himself to be technically competent with each of the jobs he has taken on ranging from house pads to hillside erosion control to trenching for drainage and irrigation alike (the list goes on). He’s shown himself to be professional and versatile from beginning to end on every job, from the bidding through the clean up. I might mention that the soil in our subdivision is of the worst kind of clay that makes challenging work when it is wet as well as when it is dry.

I have to make special comments about how willing John has stepped up to the plate when I’ve given John last minute emergency calls that required immediate attention. John has adjusted his schedule to accommodate these needs and did what was required to get the job done in the most expeditious and economic fashion.

I’ve seen how John handles his employees, his equipment and himself in many different and sometimes challenging situations and I can honestly say that he is a man of superior integrity and skill.

Though I am no longer a part of the contracting world, I would not hesitate to use John for my personal excavation needs. So it is with great pleasure that I give John my highest recommendation to anyone that requires his type of expertise.”

Jim Bender
Former owner and Developer of Manzanita Hills subdivision

bulldozer“This is my personal recommendation for John Winters. Until just recently, I had been one of John’s General Contractors for several years. I found him to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile.

Besides being a joy to work with, John is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. He has successfully developed several ideas for our company that has resulted in increased revenue. During his tenure, we saw an increase in savings that exceeded the Companies expectations. The new revenue was a direct result of the plans implemented by John.

Though he was an asset to our excavation efforts, John was also extraordinarily helpful in other areas of the Project. In addition to being on time and being below budget, John assumed a friendship role with the rest of our team, inspiring and motivating other employees.”

Rob Horton
Vice President Horton Homes

bulldozer“We are strongly recommending John Winters for his excavation work. He prepared our home site, and built our 1/4 mile long, steep driveway in the Applegate on our five acres. He has also helps us maintain a steep hillside above our home and driveway years later. He is the kind of professional you know you can count on in the long term for any of your project's needs.

The work he did for us was extensive, as our site had many unknown buried large trees...he educated us on removing them, and doing the extra quality work to insure our home be stable. He guided us in proper decisions for drainage of our land, as we have a pad with a steep peak above us. Our work was done in 2003, and we feel safe and secure with the plot on which our home sets.

He always described all of the options and alternatives and breakdown of costs. He helped us to make informed decisions during each new step. He is a problem solver, and reseacher when something new might come up. We felt informed, and we trusted his knowledge and judgment at all times. His honesty and commitment to doing the best job possible is a quality that is recognized in John after the first few minutes of meeting him. He is dependable, reliable, and does excellent work. He is truly a professional in his field, and an artist in what he creates with the earth.

We live on a rural road with a few tempermental neighbors who are never fond of anyone elses building process. His communication skills are impeccible, friendly and kind. Our most stubborn of neighbors brought John a gift after meeting him and talking to him about the work in progress. You cannot ask for a more professional, wise, gifted with common sense and decency kind of man... a talented man with the earth.”

Jerry and Pam Gerisch

bulldozer“My name is Don Walker, owner/operator of Don Walker, Contractor. I have done custom home contracts, subcontracting, and construction management on the Eastside of Medford. The sub grade preparation in that area is very challenging and requires a good working knowledge of the soils in that area and the fill installation procedures required by the local soils engineers. I have hired John Winters Jr. Excavation to prepare my sub grade in my last two builds in that area and found him able to put the right equipment on the job, qualified operators, and turned out a good job to put my foundations on. In good faith I can say that John can provide a good, engineer-directed sub grade. If you wish to contact me to confirm any of this information you are welcome to call me, 541-941-1500.”

Don Walker, Contractor

bulldozer“I was asked to give a reference letter for John Winters Jr. Excavation. My response was without hesitation because of the Quality work and the character of the man I have done business with over the last several years.

Since approximately 1999 John has provided excavation services on a number of single family homes for my personal residences as well as investment development projects. John has the skill to work on the most complex hillside grades and the business experience to manage the larger projects.

While I would be glad to vouch for his excavation skills further, know John’s character for fairness and honesty to be his greatest business asset. If you have the chance to speak with people who have used John’s services over the years you will find out that they are STILL clients of his. This speaks volumes!”

Dennis R. Clark
Synergy Properties